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Carved with the Pyrenees freezing waters and using ancient distilling traditions, Fox Glacier is inspired by the life of Platón Tchihatcheff, a Russian mountaineer who discovered the highest peak of the Pyrenees after weeks observing the behaviour of Red Foxes in the region.
Platón’s drinking finding, a legacy recipe from his Andorra born grandmother, kept body and mind resistant in extreme adventures. As he started sharing the liquid with the foxes, noticed these experienced intensifying mental abilities…
The pure Pyrenees waters combined with the canniness of the Red Foxes brings the spur to expand life in your next Adventure!

About Liquid

A higher definition of triple distilled vodka from the Iberian plains.
Fox Glacier brings purity, clarity, versatility being more than a spirit.


Mild nasal touch


Texture that fades
into light burning


Neutral, grainy
sweetness and heat


Remarkable brings vibration to the body and mind with ingredients used for millennia as medicine among mountain people. The power and the viscosity of coffee liqueur combined with fresh ginger energy and Pure Pyrenees Vodka. The fresh strawberry flavor gives Remarkable a touch of charm. Drink with friends and cheers to your native self nature.


Fox Glacier Vodka – 50ml
Coffee Liqueur Tia Maria – 25ml
Strawberries – 3 un
Ginger – 2 pieces (postal stamp size)
Syrup – 10ml
Ice – ½ spoon

HIGHBALL – 200 ml

. Cut strawberries in half
. Chop the ginger until they get smaller than the straw opening
. Add all the ingredients in the shaker
. Close and shake until it gets white freezing
. Fill ½ High Ball Glass (with thin rim) with ice
. Slowly pour the shaker container over the ice
. Serve it with a straw and cocktail napkin


mountain secret recipe

Inspired by the drink of Platón de Tchihatcheff. A traveling geographer, born 43 km south of SaintPetersburg in 1818, who after the Army Service (1835) traveled the world climbing untouched mountains and interacting with nature. His highly educated mother taught him an ancient potion called Akvo, consisting of rare berries, ginger and coffee.
Plato’s grandmother, Mrs. Agnes Puig, had brought from the Pyrenees of Andorra Akvo’s potion along with the stories about these magical mountains before Hercules. According to her drinking this mixture reinforced the vital energy and the spirit. Each ingredient has been thoroughly designed forsurvival in extreme body and conscience conditions.

Thus one could continue with strong body and mind. The rare mountain berries had anti-pain, anti-inflammatory characteristics and the presence of vitamin C helped in the resistance. They also protected the cells from bacteria and regulated the heart and consequently the blood. Ginger was used as a digestive, due to the food restraints during the journeys, and also as oil around the body to deny muscles, joints and keep warm. Coffee, being a liver regulator, controlled the entire flow of nergy, maintaining strength in the blood system, energizing the heart.

The story goes that Platón, on a mountaineering trip to the Pyrenees range, the group that was with him got lost from Magdalena Peak for a few days, thus discovering Aneto – the highest point of the chain on July 18, 1942.

But credible records in Plato’s personal diaries show that some were lost weeks living with a pack of red foxes, of which Plato made notes of the behavior, and that incredibly start bringing hunting to the group as a gift. Platón went on to prepare Akvo with its survival ingredients, sharing it with the group and the foxes who enthusiastically drank it. The climber says he had noticed a different trait in the animals that were shared his Akvo. According to him after a few weeks they had more energy and strength than the others and apparent signs of sharper communication resembling other animals… like man, in addition to an atypical almost feline ability to climb trees and move through the cave where the group was confined.

Years later, after getting married, Platón saw his Akvo recipe stolen at a Paris hotel along with originals from some of the works on the geography of his travels.
We rediscovered Akvo’s intense and restless recipe in a rare publication purchased from a collector and applied his notes to create our Fox Glacier Vodka and make vibrate body and spirit with elements used for millennia as medicine among Pyrenees mountain people.

We have also created the Akvo-inspired Perfect Serve Remarkable, or Water of Life, this sacred drink forged in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, strengthening body and spirit, bringing awareness of our true self and vitality in the body.

fox glacier



Fox Glacier Vodka is from Pyrenees. It is made with Pyrenees winter wheat – which is wheat harvested 6 months later than regular wheat, thus contains a higher level of starch, which in turn produces a higher level and quality vodka.

Wheat vodkas generally create a spirit with a slightly sweeter taste, sometimes containing hints of fennel, licorice and powdered sugar notes on the nose and palate. It generally is a much lighter and smoother style than vodkas produced from potatoes and rye – which traditionally contains more vegetal and peppery characters. Wheat vodkas, specifically Fox Glacier – is a perfect beverage for somebody who loves martini vodka straight up or on the rocks. Enjoy it as a stand-alone beverage, to fully take advantage of the super premium quality of this vodka!

Fox Glacier is distilled more than 3 times, its destilled to perfection. After all, we’re not making grain neutralspirits.


The water has its origin on the Pyrenees mountains, that date back from the last ice age, five to ten thousand years ago. The water used to make Fox Glacier undergoes an advanced mechanical osmosis process that forces the water through micro-fibers, filtering out 60% of the original water.

This impure 60%, called “dross”, is discarded. The remaining 40% is the rarest, purest part of the purest glacier water available. Its natural aroma and flavor is intact, and the process ensures consistent quality every time.

Fox Glacier is a handcrafted, higher definition of vodka. Made from the finest Pyrenees winter wheat and the purest Pyrenees water, it’s truly artisanal vodka. Every detail is crafted to maintain the essence of vodka’s true characters while adding modern touches. The vodka inside the bottle is as good as vodka gets. Fox Glacier is developed by perfectionist people who spent years developing Fox Glacier formula.



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